Anne Pick

Anne has a reputation for being an innovator. In the late 70s she directed, wrote and produced CBC’s first feature documentary about child abuse and its first documentary series shot and edited entirely on videotape called Canadians about multiculturalism in Canada. Anne put the latest consumer camera technology, camcorders, in the hands of viewers in the early 80’s on a TVO production called Question and Answer. With two partners, Susan Fleming and Janice Dawe, she produced the popular and award-winning series Harrowsmith Country Life which launched the Life Network and ushered in the new programming genre now called, ‘lifestyle’. They were producing ‘green’ programming before the phrase was coined. Anne also co-produced and story edited the first documentary series on the new cable channel NewsWorld, called Our Stories about second generation immigrants and their family’s roles in building this country; and wrote and directed an award winning feature social issue documentary called The Bunny Years about the group of women who were the first Playboy Bunnies for A&E, BBC and CTV. She also produced Canada’s first official treaty documentary co-production with Australian partners in early 2000, which won Australia’s equivalent of an Emmy for Helen’s War: Portrait of a Dissident. Ryan’s Well a documentary for TVO about a grade 1 student in Ontario who raised money to build water wells in Uganda became one of the top educational films distributed internationally. Her German co-production Gambling on Extinction which won numerous top environmental awards around the world was screened before the German Parliament prior to a vote on the importation of ivory products, among many other milestones throughout her career.

Anne has an impressive filmography of biographies, history, music and natural history documentaries and factual series about living and working north of 60, Out in the Cold; living sustainably off the grid in the countryside; life in an urban fire station, Fire station; food nutrition and science, Foodstuff and a series on saving and investing, Money$worth.

Anne Pick Bio




  • The Bunny Years
  • Labour of Love: life and times of Buzz Hargrove
  • Jan Arden: a work in progress
  • Sandy Hawley: the Gentleman Jockey
  • Life & Times of Pamela Wallin
  • Getting Out
  • Out of Sync: Racism in the media
  • Speak Out

*plus many current affairs short social issue docs and consumer investigative reports


  • Ronnie Hawkins: Still Alive and Kickin’
  • Iris Chang: The Rape of Nanking
  • The Notorious Mrs Dick
  • Moe Norman: the King of Swing

Producer/Story Editor

  • Fanny: the Right to Rock (Executive Producer)
  • Gambling on Extinction
  • Animism: People Who Love Objects
  • A Different Drummer: Celebrating Eccentrics
  • The Prince of Pot: the U.S. vs Marc Emery (and co-writer)
  • Follow Your Dreams
  • Helen Caldicott: Portrait of a Dissident
  • Ryan’s Well
  • Hearing Voices: The lives and times of Rich Little
  • Wrinkle


  • The Kingdom: How Fungi Made Our World
  • Yours Al
  • No Limits

Story Editor

  • A Murder of Crows
  • Racoon Nation


  • Redemption Inc (Story Editor)
  • Natural Born Dealers (Story Editor)
  • Cash and Cari (Story Editor)
  • Out in the Cold (Executive Producer, Producer, Story Editor)
  • Harrowsmith Country Life (Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Story Editor)
  • Foodstuff (Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Story Editor)
  • Fire Station (Executive Producer, Producer)
  • Money$worth (Producer, Story Editor)
  • Q&A (Producer, co-Writer, Story Editor)
  • Market Place (Producer, Director, Writer)
  • Canadians (Executive Producer, Producer, story editor)
  • Our Stories (Co-producer, Story Editor)