Canada | 2012 | 45 min and 88 min

In our modern, fast moving society people are turning to a variety of objects for love and companionship. Animism is the belief that inanimate objects are sentient beings and that humans can communicate with them. And if you can communicate with an object then you can have a relationship. Animism: People Who Love Objects explores a newly named sexual orientation, Objectum-Sexuality (OS), just beginning to surface in society’s consciousness, through five amazing characters who openly declare their desire for objects (emotional and sexual), not as fetishes, but as loving life partners. Their loves are as diverse as carnival rides and board games, cars and musical instruments, and sometimes, huge public objects like the Eiffel Tower. For them it’s quite normal and real and all they want is tolerance as they bravely attempt to ‘live and love out loud’ like the rest of us. Above all, the film challenges our definitions of love.


Bill Spahic


Anne Pick and Bill Spahic

Producer/Story Editor

Anne Pick

Executive Producer

Anne Pick


Real To Reel Productions, Canada

Camera / DOP

Michael Grippo


Michael Josslyn


TTG Music | Title Song written & performed by Jesse MacKay


Marie Lyons Cooper