Follow Your Dreams

Canada: 2008, 1x 60 German and English

Follow Your Dreams is the inspirational story of Frank Mueller from Gummersbach, Germany who gave up a good job, friends and family to follow his dream of becoming a trapper in the wilds of Canada’s north.

As a boy, Mueller devoured all the books by Jack London and further inspired by his father’s hunting trips the Canadian north in the 70s, Mueller eventually embarked on his new life in the Yukon.

The serenity, beauty and adventure of his solo winter lifestyle are enthusiastically shared by his faithful dog Ruby. His partner Linda long ago realized she would have to share Frank with
the wilderness.

Follow Your Dreams is set against the stark beauty of the Yukon wilderness, beautifully captured across the changing seasons as we share the story of one dreamer who dared to try.


Werner Walcher


Anne Pick

Executive Producer

Anne Pick


Real to Reel Productions, Journeyman Pictures

Camera / DOP

Werner Walcher


Werner Walcher, Alan Code


Olaf Relitzki