Hearing Voices - The Life and Times of Rich Little

Canada 2003; 1 X 60 min

He’s the master of mimicry, the man of a thousand voices including movie stars, singers and nine American presidents including John F. Kennedy and George W. Bush. He has delighted audiences for more than five decades in every entertainment capital in the world. But who is Rich Little? And what does he really sound like? With help from Phyllis Diller, Robert Goulet, Debbie Reynolds, Robin Leach, ex-wife Jeanne Worden, his daughter and brother, Hearing Voices: The Lives and Times of Rich Little reveals the man behind the many voices.


Michael McNamara


Anne Pick and Michael McNamara

Executive Producer

Anne Pick

Story Editor

Anne Pick


Real to Reel Productions

Camera / DOP

Walter Corbett


Bruce Cameron


Kurt Swinghammer


Roderick Deogrades