Helen's War

A Canadian-Australian Co-Production 2003 | Run Time: 52 minutes

Can dissident Helen Caldicott really make a difference in today’s sophisticated new world of neo-conservative spin, where celebrities are news and war is entertainment, where defence is offence and fire is friendly; the place known as George W. Bush’s Land of the Free? Meet Helen Caldicott, a charismatic and emotive women who has always believed that she can change the world. The world knows of her as Dr. Caldicott, the anti-nuclear firebrand who quit her job in 1978 to stop The Bomb. Playing reluctant cynic to her idealistic aunt, filmmaker Anna Broinowski follows Helen on a one year road trip through the States as she promotes her latest book, “The New Nuclear Danger – George W. Bush’s Military Industrial Complex”. Anna reveals the woman behind the crusade; an intractable yet vulnerable campaigner, a fearless yet imperfect prophet who misses her grandchildren, while looking for new ways to steer us away from destruction.


Anna Broinowski


Anna Broinowski


Anne Pick and Sonja Armstrong

Executive Producer

Chris Hilton

Story Editor

Anne Pick


Real to Reel Productions, Canada

Camera / DOP

Dennis Beauchamp, Kathryn Millis


Bruce Cameron


Guy Zerafa


Steve Weslak, Ruth Cullen