Iris Chang - The Rape of Nanking

Canada 2007: run times 56/92/104 mins In partnership with Alpha Education Canada. English and Mandarin.

A feature drama-documentary in HD about a young Chinese-American author’s journey into the darkest reaches of humanity as she researched and wrote her best selling book ‘The Rape of Nanking’. Iris Chang’s harrowing experience and dogged determination uncovers in graphic detail the forgotten holocaust of World War II when almost 300,000 Chinese women, children and soldiers were in a matter of weeks systematically raped, tortured and murdered by the invading Japanese forces. Chang first learned of the 1937 massacre when she was a young child growing up in the mid-west. Her grandparents had managed to escape Nanking as the streets began flowing with blood. However, it was not until she was in her early twenties that she finally realized the enormity of that nightmare and what it symbolized, on a personal level for her, as a human being. Already a successful author with titles like “Silkworm” Iris decided to rely on her skills and training as a writer to make sense of the overwhelming feelings she experienced upon rediscovering, in graphic images, the story of Nanking in 1937. Her resulting book “The Rape of Nanking” was the first English, detailed document of the atrocities – a death toll exceeding that of the atomic blasts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. More than just an orgy of violence, our story also reveals the total disregard for human life by the Japanese soldiers and the concerted effort during the Cold War on the part of the West and even China to suppress what had happened.

Featuring: Olivia Cheng as Iris Chang


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Anne Pick and Bill Spahic


Michael Betcherman


Anne Pick and Bill Spahic

Executive Producers

Anne Pick and Dr. Joseph Wong

Camera / DOP

Russel Gienapp


Paul Adlaf


Guy Zerafa & Dave Klotz


Marie Lyons-Cooper