No Limits

Canada 2016; 78 min and 52 min

Academy Award winning director John Zaritsky picks-up the stories of Thalidomide survivors for his third film on the subject and finally unveils a sinister and long hidden complicity by the drug manufacturer. NO LIMITS reveals the true story that German Thalidomide drug manufacturer, Grünenthal, knew about debilitating effects of its drug on babies but continued to sell the pills to unsuspecting pregnant women around the world who were taking a drug they were told was ‘safe’, to offset their morning sickness, and who ended up giving birth to thousands of severely disabled children. Previously sealed court documents have now come to light that reveal Grünenthal’s culpability.

NO LIMITS features six other Thalidomiders, from the United States, Britain, Germany and Australia.


John Zaritsky


John Zaritsky


Anne Pick and Bill Spahic

Executive Producer

Anne Pick


SIDEWAYSFILM, Real to Reel Productions

Camera / DOP

Michael Savoie


Justin Ladd


Gordon McClellan