Out in the Cold

Canada 2006 – 2009: Season 1 – 6 x 30, Season 2 – 4 x 30

When it’s -37 Celcius outside and the wind is howling, most of us would do anything to avoid leaving our cozy homes and going to work. But for a handful of individuals living in the extremes of the arctic, going out in those conditions is their work. On OUT IN THE COLD host Barry Kennedy pitches in and finds out just what it takes to wrangle icebergs from the open sea for their pure ancient waters, or to test new cars under the most extreme conditions. Get chills when we fly with an ice pilot as he shows us the thrills and dangers of flying a plane in icy conditions and learn why he does it, or be amazed at a wild-life vet who handles everything from seals to bison out in the freezing temperatures they inhabit. Season One also sees Barry learn the ins and outs of dog mushing with the pros in the Yukon and lends a hand while learning what goes into the building of the incredible Ice Hotel in Quebec. In Season Two, Barry goes to even more remote locations – from the Eureka station on Ellesmere Island , to survival training in Puvirnituq, you’ll be right there as he takes us to places you’ve never seen. OUT IN THE COLD takes you to a world few people ever see to meet the unique and varied individuals who tackle the elements and conquer them everyday with ingenuity and pure guts!


Herrie Ten Cate


Herrie Ten Cate


Anne Pick


Tookie Mercredi

Executive Producer

Anne Pick

Story Editor

Anne Pick


Beyond International, Australia, Real To Reel Productions, Canada

Camera / DOP

Mike Boland, Russell Gienapp, Tookie Mercredi


Bruce Cameron, Ed Krupa


TTG Music


Mike Matheson