Ryan's Well

Canada: 1998; 1 X 60 min: English and Spanish

They lined up single file for four kilometres along the mud road leading to the Angolo Primary School in Uganda. Kids in blue shorts and white shirts, eagerly looking for the car bringing the nine-year-old boy from Canada. When they spot the van, the slow, rhythmic clapping begins. The Canadian steps out of the van. The little blond boy is spotted and a hushed whisper passes through the crowds – ‘RY-AN.’ “They know my name!!” he says.”Ryan’s Well is the story of a young boy’s determination to make a difference in the world. Through perseverance and determination, Ryan Hreljac raised thousands of dollars to improve the lives of his pen pal, Jimmy Akana, his family and his friends in Angolo, Uganda by building a well. At the age of seven, Ryan became a local activist speaking at schools and community events about water conservation, poverty and global understanding. When he turned nine, his neighbours made his dream to visit Jimmy come true. They donated their frequent flyer miles to help get him and his parents to Uganda. In this moving documentary, we meet Ryan and the friends who helped to raise the money, his family and their generous neighbours. And of course, we are with Ryan when he sees the difference he has made with the building of Ryan’s Well.

Ryan’s Well Foundation continues to build wells in Africa and Ryan now heads up the organization.


Lalita Krishna


Anne Pick

Executive Producer

Anne Pick


Journeyman Pictures, U.K., Real to Reel Productions, Canada, Educational rights in the United States –Video Project

Camera / DOP

Michael Savoie


Brent Haliske


Cathy Gulkin