The Bunny Years

Run Time: 90 min

A provocative and insightful film that gives voice to the beautiful young women who in the early 1960s donned the iconic Bunny uniform, laughed all the way to the bank and then went on to successful careers as doctors, actors, corporate executives and writers. At the heart of the Playboy phenomenon, these free-spirited and independent Bunnies thrived in an era of explosive change, beginning with a time that was pre-sexual revolution and pre-feminist. They were ahead of their time, Feminists before the concept was fully defined. As Lauren Hutton says in the film “we were basically serving London Broil in a bathing suit and high heels, what’s wrong with that?”


Anne Pick


Barbara Barde

Executive Producers

Barbara Barde & Stuart Goodman

Story Editor

George Saturno


Anne Pick



Camera / DOP

Walter C. Corbett


Bruce Cameron