The Notorious Mrs. Dick

Canada 2002; 1 X 60 min

Evelyn Dick was a strikingly beautiful woman – and a notorious murderess whose name is forever etched in Canadian criminal law. Sentenced to hang for the murder and mutilation of her streetcar driver husband, John Dick, she was acquitted on an appeal that launched the career of Canada’s most famous lawyer, J.J. Robinette and set legal precedent. Evelyn Dick ultimately served 11 years of a life sentence for the murder of her baby son whose body was found encased in cement in a suitcase during the investigation of her husband’s murder. When she left prison, she was given a new identity, an entrée to a new life. And then she disappeared. The Notorious Mrs. Dick chronicles the hunt for Evelyn Dick since her release from Kingston’s Prison for women in 1958. With a new identity and sealed government files, her whereabouts has been one of the country’s greatest mysteries.


Anne Pick


Brian Vallee


Anne Pick

Executive Producer

Anne Pick


Real to Reel Productions

Camera / DOP

Michael Savoie


Bruce Cameron


Marie Lyons Cooper