The Prince of Pot: The U.S. vs Marc Emery

Canada | 2008

The Prince of Pot: The U.S. vs Marc Emery is both the story of an ego-driven yet self-sacrificing crusader and about the disturbing influence the U.S. federal government and its law enforcement officials have on this side of the border. Well known as a marijuana legalization activist, Marc Emery has been a proponent of the health benefits of marijuana for decades, and a thorn in the DEA’s side. As publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine, producer of Pot-TV and with a website selling seeds, the DEA is looking to make an unprecedented example of Emery by extraditing him to stand trial based on US drug laws and policy. Emery is no stranger to the Canadian legal system; he has been busted four times for selling seeds only to be sent home by the judge with a fine and slap on the wrist. He has not faced any drug charges in Canada in the past seven years – that’s a far cry from a life sentence. “The DEA with the assistance of the RCMP arrested Emery two years ago declaring him one of the top 50 drug traffickers in the world. Right up there with the Hell’s Angels and Columbian drug lords. I thought that was a bit harsh and frankly made me wonder about Canadian sovereignty. How independent are we?” That’s just one of the questions Director Nick Wilson raises in this engaging film.


Nick Wilson


Digby Cook and Nick Wilson


Anne Pick

Executive Producer

Anne Pick

Story Editor

Brian Vallee


Journeyman Pictures, UK; Real to Reel Productions, Canada

Camera / DOP

Russell Gienapp


Paul Adlaf


John Welsman


Jason Gatt